National Association of Realtors – India (NAR-INDIA) was established 8 years ago as the apex national level organization of realtors (real estate brokers), as an association of associations. With partnerships at the domestic as well as the international level, particularly with NAR Global of USA – a 108 year old organization with over 1.3 million members. NAR-INDIA is an organization with the common interest of the real estate brokers with good governance, ethics, best practices and customer satisfaction as the four main principles. With 28 member associations across the country, encompassing nearly 1,700 companies with a combined strength of 50,000 brokers, NAR-INDIA has today emerged as the voice of realtors in India.

 NAR-INDIA VISION - Primary vision of NAR-INDIA is to mediate between the regulators/governments, the producers/developers and the consumers in order to bring about reform in the industry and contribute to economic.


The objectives of NAR-INDIA are to streamline and promote the profession of real estate brokerage in India so that we achieve transparency, accountability, fair dealing and ethical practices for overall good governance in the industry. NAR-INDIA has been set up for the public good, providing quality service, ensuring consumer satisfaction, creating credibility in the industry and facilitating profits for the practioners.

About KRA

Kerala Realtors Association - Local chapter of NAR-INDIA was formed in 2011 as a registered body under the society registration act with 25 members. As a local chapter of NAR-INDIA, KRA provides the voice of realtors in Kerala at the national level. It shares and aims to promote the vision and objective of NAR-INDIA in Kerala besides providing training and seminars to realtors in the state.


Property Expo
  • Opportunity to showcase Kerala projects to Pan India realtors.
  • Introducing channel partner concept to Keral Real Estate Market.
  • To create a professional environment among the realtors for the benefit of the Builders.
  • To establish a cordial relation between realtors and builders to get a productive and desired result which will be a win- win situation for both.
  • A catalyst to boost the market.

RECON - 2014
Kerala's First Real Estate Convention
The convention will mainly focus on :-
  • Broker - Developer Interface
  • Benefits of Networking
  • IT for successful Real Estate Business.
  • Finance and Tax scenario for realtors
  • Legal knowledge for Brokers
  • Tips for Business excellence
  • Building rules and regulations


KRA has the privilage to convene the coveted two day NAR INDIA Governing Board meet in Kochi. The presence of more than 60 realtors from 28 different city associations is the highlight of the meet.


Affiliated Organizations